Day 18: How has quarantine affected your life positively?

Things are different. Life is weird. Everything’s changed. But some things have changed for the better. Since I haven’t been going out like I used to on account of the quarantine, I’ve noticed a number of positive benefits: I’m no longer eating out. I’m cooking more. I’ve started playing my musical instruments again. I’m spendingContinue reading “Day 18: How has quarantine affected your life positively?”

Day 11: Silver Lining: I’m finally cooking more.

I’m ashamed to say before the quarantine I was eating out for almost every meal. I would run through a drive through or eat at a restaurant two or three times a day. It’s hard not to when I’ve got no kids to feed and I can spend my money however I want, but itContinue reading “Day 11: Silver Lining: I’m finally cooking more.”

Day 3: Boredom + Anxiety = Stress Eating

This will be a short post on account of me stuffing my face and not having enough time to write. I dig me some snacks and despite people hoarding food and emptying shelves, I’m still able to find all my favorite things. I’m a sucker for chips and salty snacks, not a big fan ofContinue reading “Day 3: Boredom + Anxiety = Stress Eating”

Living in a Bus Step 8: The Bathroom: toilet, shower, and water

The plumbing is finally done! Well, mostly done. I still need to install a drain, but I have running water, at least. After a lengthy break from working on the bus due to a valve gauge connector that had to be replaced, I’m finally back on track. The plumbing was the last big hurdle. AndContinue reading “Living in a Bus Step 8: The Bathroom: toilet, shower, and water”