Day 89: More River Time

I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad time on the river and maybe that’s why I love it so much. No matter who I go with, what we do, or which river I go to, I’m guaranteed a good time. Even if the weather is bad and it’s raining or chilly, I still veryContinue reading “Day 89: More River Time”

Day 88: Garden Progress!!!

The garden is exploding! Weeks of rain followed by all this sunshine and now we can’t keep up with everything ready to be harvested. The herbs especially are going nuts. There’s so much dill, oregano, sage, and cilantro we’ve had to cut it back. Anyone want some fresh herbs? We’ve also got a ton ofContinue reading “Day 88: Garden Progress!!!”

Day 87: When is ignorance no longer forgivable?

** photo credit Jordan Frazier @jordansok “There’s no such thing as white privilege.” “Why are people of color complaining? Maybe they brought these problems on themselves.” “Slavery ended a long time ago. Why haven’t people gotten over it?” There was a time, sadly not long ago, when I would’ve said statements like the ones above.Continue reading “Day 87: When is ignorance no longer forgivable?”

Day 86: Quarantine is Almost Over

Quarantine is finally winding down as businesses, bars, and restaurants start to open back up. Some feel this is happening too soon while others feel we waited too long. I was thrilled to see old friends at my “church” and do some catching up. I’ve managed to blog almost every day of this quarantine althoughContinue reading “Day 86: Quarantine is Almost Over”

Day 85: It’s not that hard to know right from wrong.

I don’t know why it’s difficult for people to know when something is harmful or not. I don’t understand why people think they need a book of ethics, a religion, or some kind of preset moral guide to know right from wrong. It’s not that hard. Just ask yourself these questions: Is what I’m aboutContinue reading “Day 85: It’s not that hard to know right from wrong.”

Day 83: What have the protests accomplished?

In my hometown, over 2,500 protesters took to the streets to show their solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement. I’ve never been so proud of my community. I’m relieved to know there are so many compassionate progressives in a location not often known for its liberal values. I, unfortunately, didn’t make this protest, butContinue reading “Day 83: What have the protests accomplished?”

Day 82: First Camping Trip of the Season

One of the greatest things about living in the Midwest is camping, floating, and just dipping your toes in the creek. There’s nothing more refreshing than that cold spring water on a hot summer day. Summer is not quite here yet but that’s not going to stop me from getting on the river. It’s myContinue reading “Day 82: First Camping Trip of the Season”

Day 79: Studying History Made me Liberal

Like most of my friends from the Midwest, I was brought up in a conservative household. I was raised with Judeo-Christian values. And I was encouraged by my church to always vote Republican because they were the more “Christian” option. I find that last point hilarious because if you look at the Republican party’s trackContinue reading “Day 79: Studying History Made me Liberal”

Day 78: Dear non-white friends, how can I help?

I don’t want to be another white person squawking about my opinions of racism online. I think we’ve heard enough. A long time ago I would have been one of those people that denied white privilege even existed. I’ve changed a lot since then. I’ve seen more of the world. I’ve broadened my horizons. I’veContinue reading “Day 78: Dear non-white friends, how can I help?”

Day 75: Visiting Historic Commercial Street

My hometown is slowly starting to open back up with precautions of course. The farmer’s market was going strong on historic Commercial street. I figured this would be a great opportunity for a cultural experience for my Fulbright students. My two students from Africa were thrilled to meet some fellow Africans: a young woman fromContinue reading “Day 75: Visiting Historic Commercial Street”