Day 4: Cleaning and Organizing

If you find yourself bored during this quarantine, now might be the perfect time to clean, organize, and PURGE!!! Having less stuff is such a wonderful feeling. I’d recommend it to anybody. Recently, I blogged about the art of minimalism, a concept I firmly believe in. The original post is┬áHERE and now seems like theContinue reading “Day 4: Cleaning and Organizing”

Day 3: Boredom + Anxiety = Stress Eating

This will be a short post on account of me stuffing my face and not having enough time to write. I dig me some snacks and despite people hoarding food and emptying shelves, I’m still able to find all my favorite things. I’m a sucker for chips and salty snacks, not a big fan ofContinue reading “Day 3: Boredom + Anxiety = Stress Eating”

Day 2: Prepare for Change

We are moving to online classes!! I’m a little nervous but mostly excited. I anticipate there will be glitches and other issues, but for the most part, I think things will be just fine. We’ll be using an app called Zoom and we’ve had lots of practice so far. And this is a good opportunityContinue reading “Day 2: Prepare for Change”

Day 1: The Day the Bars Closed

Initially, I blew things off because I’m not an alarmist. Like most scares this will surely fizzle out after a week or two, right? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if an issue like Covid-19 is going to get worse or better. I watched the news and kept updated, but I wasn’t terribly worried. And thenContinue reading “Day 1: The Day the Bars Closed”

Day 81: Living in a Bus Step 11: Safety First!

This is an old post from when I first finished my bus. I can’t believe how long it’s been. My e-book for converting a vehicle into a motor home is almost done and I can’t wait to publish it. In the meantime, here’s my post about keeping safe in a converted vehicle just before myContinue reading “Day 81: Living in a Bus Step 11: Safety First!”

Living in a Bus Step 8: The Bathroom: toilet, shower, and water

The plumbing is finally done! Well, mostly done. I still need to install a drain, but I have running water, at least. After a lengthy break from working on the bus due to a valve gauge connector that had to be replaced, I’m finally back on track. The plumbing was the last big hurdle. AndContinue reading “Living in a Bus Step 8: The Bathroom: toilet, shower, and water”