Can I really make money off metal recycling?

Knowing what can and cannot be recycled is a must for anyone wanting to live a green life, and some items are more recyclable than others. Metal is one of the most easily recycled materials. Almost all types of metals can be recycled into new materials including steel, aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, iron, and tin.Continue reading “Can I really make money off metal recycling?”

10 Easy Lifestyle Changes for a Greener Life

Small changes can make a big difference, and when it comes to living a more eco-conscious lifestyle, making these small adjustments, can go a long way. We’ve already talked about ways to cut down on packaging, avoiding food waste, and eco-friendly swaps around the home, but there are more ways to have a positive impactContinue reading “10 Easy Lifestyle Changes for a Greener Life”

10 Tips to Avoid Package Waste

So much waste comes from packaging and a lot of that packaging is excessive and not even necessary. Fortunately, there are many techniques to avoid packaging such as buying in bulk and shopping at farmer’s markets, but there are also a lot of companies that are coming up with clever ways to avoid excessive packaging.Continue reading “10 Tips to Avoid Package Waste”

Eco-Friendly Swaps for the Home

We’ve examined easy ways to replace single-use products with reusable ones, but there are other eco-friendly swaps that can make a big difference. Here are some changes that can be made around the home for a greener and cleaner life. Living Room LED lightbulbs cut electricity usage and are a great eco swap from traditionalContinue reading “Eco-Friendly Swaps for the Home”

How Green is your Community?

Understanding the eco-friendly companies and resources in your area will help you on your green living journey. Here are just some of what to look for in a sustainable community: local restaurants, farmer’s markets, community gardens, public transportation, bike friendly areas, recycling centers, compost centers, parks and green areas, local farms and gardens, eco-friendly eventsContinue reading “How Green is your Community?”

10 Ways to Lower your Utility Bills

Green living benefits more than the environment. It can save you a ton of money, too! One area of green living I frequently advocate for is how to save on your utility bills by practicing some smart habits to reduce your electricity and water consumption. Here are some ways you can lower your utility bill,Continue reading “10 Ways to Lower your Utility Bills”

Conduct a Trash Audit

A great way to start your green living journey is to do a trash audit and see what makes up the most of your garbage. What’s in your trash? Understanding what we throw away is a big step in addressing our environmentally-harmful habits. Conduct a trash audit by doing the following: Allow your trash toContinue reading “Conduct a Trash Audit”

10 Easy Single-Use Swaps

One of the best things to swap out for a greener life is single-use, disposable items, especially plastics. There are so many items intended for single-use and these create a ton of waste. Here’s a list of 10 single-use swaps for a greener life.  Plastic bags can be replaced with grocery totes or washable clothContinue reading “10 Easy Single-Use Swaps”

10 Environmentally Harmful Products and How to Dispose of Them

I believe the first step in green living is to purge one’s home. I recently did a big cleanout and gathered up all of the unwanted stuff I no longer need or use. I sold some items and donated others, but the purge doesn’t stop there. My house is also full of environmentally harmful products.Continue reading “10 Environmentally Harmful Products and How to Dispose of Them”

Clothing Swap Party 2.0

Every year I host a clothing swap party. This year’s party was a huge success thanks to the wonderful ladies who contributed. I do this every year with the hopes of raising awareness to textile waste and the dangers of fast fashion and consumerism. Clothing swap parties are a great way to not only purgeContinue reading “Clothing Swap Party 2.0”