A Greener Way to Donate

Recently, I’ve started cleaning out closets in a bid to encourage minimalism and greener living. Our closets are full of clothes that will never be worn. The first step to greener living is to change the way we shop for clothing. By reducing how much we buy, opting for resale items, and avoiding fast fashion,Continue reading “A Greener Way to Donate”

10 Tips to Green up your Closet

I’m going to host a clothing swap party soon (again). And not just as an excuse to sip wine with my girls, but also because clothing swap parties offer two of my favorite activities: decluttering and getting free stuff. Once a year, I try to go through my closet and pull out the items IContinue reading “10 Tips to Green up your Closet”

10 Tips for Preventing Food Waste (Green Living and Food Part 3)

I’ve revamped my dietary plans and now I have goals for greener grocery shopping. The last thing I’d like to focus on is preventing food waste. According to estimates by the Economic Research Service, nearly 30% to 40% of food gets wasted in the United States. This number is alarming. Nearly half the food producedContinue reading “10 Tips for Preventing Food Waste (Green Living and Food Part 3)”

A Guide to Greener Grocery Shopping (Green Living and Food Part 2)

I’ve been working on updating my dietary habits. I’ve never paid close attention to what I eat or where I get it from. But now that I’m trying to live a green and healthy lifestyle, what I eat and where I buy it has become very important to me. In a previous blog I lookedContinue reading “A Guide to Greener Grocery Shopping (Green Living and Food Part 2)”

Zero Waste Challenge Day 31: Do a Trash Audit

We’ve reached the end of the Zero Waste Challenge from Kathryn Kellogg’s blog Going Zero Waste. The last call to action is to do a trash audit. It’s funny, I planned on doing this anyways now that my kitchen remodel is finished. It sure is difficult to do a Zero Waste Challenge in the middleContinue reading “Zero Waste Challenge Day 31: Do a Trash Audit”

What is the Optimal Diet? (Green Living and Food Part 1)

I’m on a quest to live the greenest life possible, and I’m going to start with food. I’d like to know if there is an optimal diet for both good health and green living? The problem is in my research, there is so much conflicting information. I’ve seen people promote plant-based diets while others dismissContinue reading “What is the Optimal Diet? (Green Living and Food Part 1)”

Zero Waste Challenge Day 30: Political Activism

We’re almost to the end of the Zero Waste Challenge and Day 30 focuses on political activism. One thing Kathryn stresses in her blog that I absolutely agree with is that we should be more focused on local government than federal. It’s easy to get hung up on the higher up political positions, but ourContinue reading “Zero Waste Challenge Day 30: Political Activism”

Zero Waste Challenge Day 29: Start a Zero Waste Group

As we approach the end of the Zero Waste Challenge, Kathryn encourages participants to start their own Zero Waste Group. However, I have some doubts about the Zero Waste Movement and its efficacy at combating climate change. I also don’t think it’s realistic to expect busy families, students, and hard-working people to commit to theContinue reading “Zero Waste Challenge Day 29: Start a Zero Waste Group”

Zero Waste Challenge Day 28: Shop Local

I recently blogged about the importance of shopping resale and buying items second hand. It’s also important to shop local and keep money in your community. This cuts down on transportation costs and the burning of fossil fuels to move goods. It also prevents unnecessary packaging for the items being shipped. By shopping local, youContinue reading “Zero Waste Challenge Day 28: Shop Local”

Zero Waste Challenge Day 27: Shop Resale!

I love resale shopping. There are a ton of flea markets and thrift shops in my hometown to choose from. I made a goal at the beginning of the year to only buy my clothes from resale shops (with the exception of socks and underwear, of course). I’ve done a pretty good job of doingContinue reading “Zero Waste Challenge Day 27: Shop Resale!”