Day 19: Adopt an International Student!

If you think being trapped at home, worried about this pandemic, unsure about the future is stressful, imagine doing it in a foreign country. My students are troopers. We’ve trudged ahead and continued our classes via Zoom. Everyday before class I ask them how they’re feeling and if everything is okay. They’ve stayed very positive,Continue reading “Day 19: Adopt an International Student!”

Red flags to watch out for when applying to teach abroad

When I decided to come teach English in Saudi Arabia for a year I was anticipating a lot of culture shock.  Things are very different here: It’s illegal for women to drive. (at least it was when I was there!!!) I’m often stared at everywhere I go even when I’m wearing a hijab and abaaya.Continue reading “Red flags to watch out for when applying to teach abroad”

Education Reform Combats Terrorism in Saudi Arabia

As a teacher recently living in Saudi Arabia, it’s important to me to understand the complex education system and the reasons why I’ve been provided with such a good job here.  After some research this is just some of the information I’ve come across. On September 11th, 2001, nineteen men affiliated with Al-Qaeda hijacked fourContinue reading “Education Reform Combats Terrorism in Saudi Arabia”