10 Tips to Avoid Package Waste

So much waste comes from packaging and a lot of that packaging is excessive and not even necessary. Fortunately, there are many techniques to avoid packaging such as buying in bulk and shopping at farmer’s markets, but there are also a lot of companies that are coming up with clever ways to avoid excessive packaging.Continue reading “10 Tips to Avoid Package Waste”

How Green is your Community?

Understanding the eco-friendly companies and resources in your area will help you on your green living journey. Here are just some of what to look for in a sustainable community: local restaurants, farmer’s markets, community gardens, public transportation, bike friendly areas, recycling centers, compost centers, parks and green areas, local farms and gardens, eco-friendly eventsContinue reading “How Green is your Community?”

The individual is not responsible for climate change. But we should still fight it.

Trying to live a greener life can be discouraging when faced with the reality. Any small change made by an individual might not make a big impact, but does that mean we shouldn’t try? On the contrary, now it’s more important than every that we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and work for aContinue reading “The individual is not responsible for climate change. But we should still fight it.”

10 Easy Single-Use Swaps

One of the best things to swap out for a greener life is single-use, disposable items, especially plastics. There are so many items intended for single-use and these create a ton of waste. Here’s a list of 10 single-use swaps for a greener life.  Plastic bags can be replaced with grocery totes or washable clothContinue reading “10 Easy Single-Use Swaps”

Changing my Perspective about Weeds

In a previous post, I discussed the importance of organic gardening and reasons why we should avoid herbicides and insecticides. We can take it a step beyond that and learn to appreciate weeds. Now, nobody wants a weed growing in their garden, taking up space and depleting nutrients from your vegetables and herbs, but weContinue reading “Changing my Perspective about Weeds”

5 Ways to Upcycle Cassette Tapes

I’ve inherited a few boxes of cassette tapes, and now I’m brainstorming ways to upcycle them. To do these projects, I first needed to do some research. First, I checked to see if there was any value at all in these cassette tapes and found that some can actually be sold depending on the bandContinue reading “5 Ways to Upcycle Cassette Tapes”

10 Ways to Upcycle Old Clothes

After my clothing swap party, I was left with a huge amount of clothing to deal with. I sold a few pieces to some resale shops, but that barely put a dent in the amount of clothes leftover. Selling used clothing can be tricky because most shops are very particular about how old the styleContinue reading “10 Ways to Upcycle Old Clothes”

10 Tips for a Greener Closet

Nearly 92 million tons of textile waste ends up in a landfill each year. What’s worse is the fashion industry accounts for roughly 10% of global carbon emissions. Fast fashion encourages low cost clothing and new styles weekly resulting in mass overproduction. I had no idea the clothing crisis was so bad. It’s changed the way IContinue reading “10 Tips for a Greener Closet”

Five Steps to Green Up your Toiletries

Recently, I’ve started helping people clean out their pantries and closets. I’ve been partnering with multiple charities in my hometown to donate good, usable items after I do a clean out. Much of the clothing and food items are not fit for donation, however, and must be disposed of environmentally. Fortunately, most food items canContinue reading “Five Steps to Green Up your Toiletries”

10 Tips for Preventing Food Waste (Green Living and Food Part 3)

I’ve revamped my dietary plans and now I have goals for greener grocery shopping. The last thing I’d like to focus on is preventing food waste. According to estimates by the Economic Research Service, nearly 30% to 40% of food gets wasted in the United States. This number is alarming. Nearly half the food producedContinue reading “10 Tips for Preventing Food Waste (Green Living and Food Part 3)”