QUARANTINE CHALLENGE #8: No More Pesticides!!!

Pesticides are not new. They include a wide range of compounds like fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, etc. They grew in popularity in the 1960s and have been commonly used in households since despite numerous reports of their negative impact on the environment and our health. Though they can control harmful pests and yield better crops, theContinue reading “QUARANTINE CHALLENGE #8: No More Pesticides!!!”

Day 39: How has this pandemic helped the planet?

Every April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day, a holiday dedicated to environmental protection and awareness. This Earth Day is especially significant on account of the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve seen what just a short pause in human activity can do for the planet. Here are just some of the positive impacts this pandemic has had onContinue reading “Day 39: How has this pandemic helped the planet?”

QUARANTINE CHALLENGE #4: Prioritize your Health

Now is the perfect time to assess your overall health and invest in your well-being. A healthy person is not only more likely to survive a serious illness, but also live a more comfortable life in general. On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rank your overall health? What changes need toContinue reading “QUARANTINE CHALLENGE #4: Prioritize your Health”