Day 79: Studying History Made me Liberal

Like most of my friends from the Midwest, I was brought up in a conservative household. I was raised with Judeo-Christian values. And I was encouraged by my church to always vote Republican because they were the more “Christian” option. I find that last point hilarious because if you look at the Republican party’s trackContinue reading “Day 79: Studying History Made me Liberal”

Day 64: How much do you know about South America?

I love studying. I especially love history and geography. And since there’s going to be a little more lock down time left, I’ve decided to start studying countries grouped by continent. South America seems like a good start. This week I want to memorize the following pertaining to South America: history geography country capitals countryContinue reading “Day 64: How much do you know about South America?”

QUARANTINE CHALLENGE #2: Brush up on your geography (and other educational topics)

How many countries can you locate on a map? How many U.S. state capitals do you know? How much history have you studied? If you’re looking for a productive way to spend your time, why not try one of the many educational tools designed to help students with geography, history, chemistry, mathematics, and other educationalContinue reading “QUARANTINE CHALLENGE #2: Brush up on your geography (and other educational topics)”