Day 98: Time for Reflection

As the quarantine and my daily blog draw to a close, I figured now is a good time for reflection. Summer is just now starting to begin and it was a long spring cooped up indoors. I’m sure we all have cabin fever and we’re all ready to get out of the house, but theContinue reading “Day 98: Time for Reflection”

Day 42: What should we do if the lockdown is ended prematurely?

Currently, the lockdown in my hometown is scheduled to end May 4 and there are reports like this one CNN of other states ready to open up. I’ve read in most sources that this is too soon and will result in a second wave of outbreaks. So then what should I do when the lockdownContinue reading “Day 42: What should we do if the lockdown is ended prematurely?”

Day 38: What’s up with these protests? – a follow up.

Recently, I was told that people are protesting the lock downs because they’re in dire straights, going so far as teetering toward homelessness and literally starving. I found this claim to be quite odd because the last I heard, landlords are prohibited from evicting anyone and that assistance was being given to those who can’tContinue reading “Day 38: What’s up with these protests? – a follow up.”

Day 33: What’s up with these protests?

I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter about people protesting the lock downs and I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around it. I mean, I get it, much of American history is built on being rebellious, and now we romanticize defiance, but seriously? You’re upset about having to stay home? Why? I’m notContinue reading “Day 33: What’s up with these protests?”