10 Facts about Recycling in the United States

I’ve been doing a lot of research about our current recycling and waste services in the United States to see what works and what’s lacking. There is so much misinformation regarding recycling and waste management, and I want to do my part to educate and try to find ways to improve the way we manageContinue reading “10 Facts about Recycling in the United States”

Six Ways to Reduce your Dependence on Plastics

Plastic is everywhere! And of all the plastic produced, less than 10% is recovered for recycling. It may be convenient and useful, but our dependence on the non-degradable product is causing problems for the environment. With nowhere to go after use, it piles up in the landfills, but doesn’t always stay there often ending upContinue reading “Six Ways to Reduce your Dependence on Plastics”