We’re officially one week into quarantine which means it’s time for me to post my first quarantine challenge. And I challenge my friends with the space and the tools to start a garden this year. Gardening has a ton of benefits and we’re right at the start of spring, so this is perfect timing. NotContinue reading “QUARANTINE CHALLENGE #1: Start a Garden!”

Day 5: Mimosas and Sunshine (practicing gratitude)

It could be worse. It could be much worse. What if there was no champagne? What then? As we slowly transition into this new reclusive lifestyle, it’s important to be grateful for the little things, like being able to drink mimosas. While some countries are experiencing societal collapse, food shortages, martial law, and the constantContinue reading “Day 5: Mimosas and Sunshine (practicing gratitude)”

Day 4: Cleaning and Organizing

If you find yourself bored during this quarantine, now might be the perfect time to clean, organize, and PURGE!!! Having less stuff is such a wonderful feeling. I’d recommend it to anybody. Recently, I blogged about the art of minimalism, a concept I firmly believe in. The original post is┬áHERE and now seems like theContinue reading “Day 4: Cleaning and Organizing”

Day 3: Boredom + Anxiety = Stress Eating

This will be a short post on account of me stuffing my face and not having enough time to write. I dig me some snacks and despite people hoarding food and emptying shelves, I’m still able to find all my favorite things. I’m a sucker for chips and salty snacks, not a big fan ofContinue reading “Day 3: Boredom + Anxiety = Stress Eating”

Day 2: Prepare for Change

We are moving to online classes!! I’m a little nervous but mostly excited. I anticipate there will be glitches and other issues, but for the most part, I think things will be just fine. We’ll be using an app called Zoom and we’ve had lots of practice so far. And this is a good opportunityContinue reading “Day 2: Prepare for Change”

Day 1: The Day the Bars Closed

Initially, I blew things off because I’m not an alarmist. Like most scares this will surely fizzle out after a week or two, right? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if an issue like Covid-19 is going to get worse or better. I watched the news and kept updated, but I wasn’t terribly worried. And thenContinue reading “Day 1: The Day the Bars Closed”

Living in a Bus Step 8: The Bathroom: toilet, shower, and water

The plumbing is finally done! Well, mostly done. I still need to install a drain, but I have running water, at least. After a lengthy break from working on the bus due to a valve gauge connector that had to be replaced, I’m finally back on track. The plumbing was the last big hurdle. AndContinue reading “Living in a Bus Step 8: The Bathroom: toilet, shower, and water”