How do I recycle electronics?

It’s not just paper, glass, and metal that can be recycled. There are other items, too and a lot of people overlook electronics. I frequently find electronic items and small appliances chucked in the regular trash, but this isn’t the proper way to dispose of them. Modern electronics may contain harmful substances that can poseContinue reading “How do I recycle electronics?”

5 Ways to Upcycle Glass Containers

Only about 30% of the glass discarded in the United States gets recycled which is unfortunate because glass is 100% recyclable and doesn’t lose its purity or quality. However, due to difficulties with transportation and handling of the potentially dangerous material, glass recycling is still a challenge for many. So what can we do withContinue reading “5 Ways to Upcycle Glass Containers”

Why isn’t more glass getting recycled?

I’m on a mission to live my greenest life possible, and currently, I’m researching our recycling system with the hopes of improving it. I was pleased to learn that nearly 70% of paper and cardboard gets recycled, but the number is not so good for glass. What’s wrong with the glass recycling system and howContinue reading “Why isn’t more glass getting recycled?”

Ten Tips for Reducing Paper Waste

I’m on a mission to live my greenest life possible. So far in my journey, I’ve done some fun projects and changed several lifestyle habits to reduce my waste such as opting for reusable items instead of disposable ones and avoiding plastics in general. Now, I’m focusing on paper. How much paper gets recycled inContinue reading “Ten Tips for Reducing Paper Waste”

Living a Greener Life Step 7: R-E-C-Y-C-L-E (Is it a scam?)

When people talk about green living, oftentimes the first image that pops into our heads is recycling. For years I’ve been taught to separate my plastic bottles, compost, cardboard, etc. from regular trash. But how effective is recycling? The more I read about the recycling industry, the more discouraged I become. Now it’s important toContinue reading “Living a Greener Life Step 7: R-E-C-Y-C-L-E (Is it a scam?)”

Living a Greener Life Step 5: R-E-U-S-E (common ways to reuse items)

We live in a single-use world where items are quickly discarded never to be used again. This has clearly become a problem as the amount of waste has piled up. Plastic waste is especially a big issue since it doesn’t break down easily and ends up in our oceans and other places. One major aimContinue reading “Living a Greener Life Step 5: R-E-U-S-E (common ways to reuse items)”

How to be a Minimalist in 3 Easy Steps

“Materialism is the only form of distraction from true bliss.” – Douglas Horton  Are you ready to embrace minimalism? There’s no better time seeing as how we’re all being cooped up indoors amidst this fear of the Corona Virus.  Minimalism has enormous benefits, and for me, the primary goal is to live the greenest lifeContinue reading “How to be a Minimalist in 3 Easy Steps”