QUARANTINE CHALLENGE #2: Brush up on your geography (and other educational topics)

How many countries can you locate on a map? How many U.S. state capitals do you know? How much history have you studied? If you’re looking for a productive way to spend your time, why not try one of the many educational tools designed to help students with geography, history, chemistry, mathematics, and other educationalContinue reading “QUARANTINE CHALLENGE #2: Brush up on your geography (and other educational topics)”

Day 14: Why do so many people distrust scientists?

From anti-vaxxers to climate change deniers to Covid-19 scoffers, fact-resistant humans are everywhere and they are wreaking havoc on society. When did people become so distrustful of scientists and professionals? When did humans start opting for non-professional propaganda that panders to their opinions and long-held beliefs? At times, these people are just a nuisance, likeContinue reading “Day 14: Why do so many people distrust scientists?”