Five Steps to Green Up your Toiletries

Recently, I’ve started helping people clean out their pantries and closets. I’ve been partnering with multiple charities in my hometown to donate good, usable items after I do a clean out. Much of the clothing and food items are not fit for donation, however, and must be disposed of environmentally. Fortunately, most food items canContinue reading “Five Steps to Green Up your Toiletries”

Zero Waste Challenge Day 29: Start a Zero Waste Group

As we approach the end of the Zero Waste Challenge, Kathryn encourages participants to start their own Zero Waste Group. However, I have some doubts about the Zero Waste Movement and its efficacy at combating climate change. I also don’t think it’s realistic to expect busy families, students, and hard-working people to commit to theContinue reading “Zero Waste Challenge Day 29: Start a Zero Waste Group”

Zero Waste Challenge Day 26: Stop Junk Mail

Are you getting bombarded with piles of junk mail? It’s so wasteful. I can’t stand getting all the flyers, pamphlets, coupons, credit card offers, and other junk I don’t want. Fortunately, I’ve put a stop to most of it by signing up on the no junk mail list. It’s super easy. Here’s what you canContinue reading “Zero Waste Challenge Day 26: Stop Junk Mail”

Zero Waste Challenge Day 25: Be Prepared!

In today’s world, we’re all so busy and overworked. We’re bombarded with constant bad news and drama on social media. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to just take a break and slow down and really examine our lives. Day 25 of the Zero Waste Challenge focuses on the concept of being prepared in order toContinue reading “Zero Waste Challenge Day 25: Be Prepared!”

Zero Waste Challenge Day 13: Grocery Shopping

Day 13 of the Zero Waste Challenge focuses on eco-friendly grocery shopping. Reducing food waste is an issue I addressed in a previous blog, but Kathryn offers more advice. There’s the obvious suggestions like bringing your own grocery bags and buying items in bulk when possible, but there are other things you can do toContinue reading “Zero Waste Challenge Day 13: Grocery Shopping”

Zero Waste Challenge Day 8: Declutter the Green Way

It’s interesting to me that week 2 of the Zero Waste Challenge begins with decluttering in an environmentally-friendly way. I’ve already blogged extensively about the concept of minimalism and adopting a “less is more” mindset. Consumerism is fatal to the environment. Everything we buy must be produced and transported which uses up a lot ofContinue reading “Zero Waste Challenge Day 8: Declutter the Green Way”

Zero Waste Challenge Day 3: Water Bottles

While we’re on the topic of swapping out single use for reusable, let’s not forget about water bottles. It’s estimated that roughly 80% of water bottles end up in a landfill where they’ll take nearly 1,000 years to degrade. Currently, there’s no good method for recycling all these single-use plastics which is why they ultimatelyContinue reading “Zero Waste Challenge Day 3: Water Bottles”