Ten Tips for Reducing Paper Waste

I’m on a mission to live my greenest life possible. So far in my journey, I’ve done some fun projects and changed several lifestyle habits to reduce my waste such as opting for reusable items instead of disposable ones and avoiding plastics in general. Now, I’m focusing on paper. How much paper gets recycled inContinue reading “Ten Tips for Reducing Paper Waste”

A Guide to Greener Grocery Shopping (Green Living and Food Part 2)

I’ve been working on updating my dietary habits. I’ve never paid close attention to what I eat or where I get it from. But now that I’m trying to live a green and healthy lifestyle, what I eat and where I buy it has become very important to me. In a previous blog I lookedContinue reading “A Guide to Greener Grocery Shopping (Green Living and Food Part 2)”

Zero Waste Challenge Day 18: Cloth Napkins

Day 18 of going zero waste focuses on using cloth napkins instead of paper ones, but we can go beyond that to include rags instead of paper towels, too. Now, some people go as far as to give up toilet paper in lieu of a bidet and wash cloth, but I’m not sure I’m willingContinue reading “Zero Waste Challenge Day 18: Cloth Napkins”

Zero Waste Challenge Day 6: No More Disposables

So far in my zero waste journey, I’ve committed to buying less, saying no to plastic straws, keeping a reusable mug and water bottle with me, and using grocery totes instead of plastic bags. The next step focuses on other disposables like plastic flatware, paper plates, etc. Kathryn stresses the importance of using “real stuff”Continue reading “Zero Waste Challenge Day 6: No More Disposables”