Day 27: Happy Easter!

It’s hard to feel festive under quarantine, but today is a special holiday! In my family, we normally spend our Easter celebration eating lots of food and flying kites, but this year we settled for a safe video chat. I miss the days of dyeing Easter eggs and hiding them for my nieces and nephew. But it was still nice to see my family even if through a video chat. Around the world people are finding unique ways to celebrate the spring holiday season. Pope Francis called for solidarity amidst the epidemic from a nearly empty Vatican, saying ”

People have found unique ways to celebrate Easter. Most church services are closed (at least they should be) but that hasn’t prevented people from singing hymns in parking lots, doing virtual church services, and listening to live broadcasts. There are many ways to celebrate the holidays without putting others at risk of getting sick. 

Easter Around the World

My favorite thing about any holiday season is researching the history behind it. I like to know where all our traditions and cultural practices come from. Here’s some brief history of the origins of Easter, Passover, and other spring holidays. 

History of the Spring Equinox

History of Passover

History of Easter

Happy Spring Holidays!



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