Day 50: Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day…and other things.

In my hometown, the lock down started on St. Patrick’s Day and is slowly starting to be lifted today, Cinco de Mayo. I doubt we’ll fully reopen until sometime in June. We’ve been doing this for 50 days now. It feels like some kind of weird accomplishment. I wonder which other holidays will be affected by the pandemic? We’re set to miss Mother’s Day, and probably Memorial Day, too. It’s been such a strange year. Cinco de Mayo is a fun holiday, and I’m sad to be missing it. But just because we can’t be together doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Here are 5 things you might enjoy doing for Cinco De Mayo.

Take a Quiz 

How much do you know about Cinco de Mayo? There are a number of quizzes online, but I liked this one the best.


Read the History

You never know if the information might come in handy, especially if you enjoy playing trivia. is my favorite website for reading about historic events.


Fascinating Facts

If you’re not a fan of lengthy articles, you might enjoy a list of facts. I love random facts, and I found this list to be pretty interesting.


Watch a Video

I prefer to learn about history through videos, but they have to be relatively short because of my short attention span. I often scour YouTube for interesting videos like this one.


Support your Local Mexican Restaurant

We may not be able to dine in right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t order out. Since I resolved to eat local this year, I’ve obtained a list of local Mexican restaurants in Springfield, MO:




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