Day 37: What are you binge watching?

This lock down and free time has allowed for plenty of hours of binge watching TV shows and movies. I’m catching up on a lot of shows I started in the past, and I’ve added a few more to my cue. There are plenty of options for streaming, too. I currently use Netflix and YouTube anytime I want to watch something. I used to have a Hulu account, but there just wasn’t enough I wanted to see. I’ve heard good things about Disney Plus and Amazon Prime. What’s your favorite streaming service? Here’s a listof some services with their prices:

Netflix basic: $8.99
Up to $15.99 for HD and multiple screens

Hulu (with ads): $5.99
$11.99 with no ads

Amazon Prime Video: $8.99
Or included with $119 annual Prime membership

Apple TV+: $4.99

Disney+: $6.99
$5.83 with $69.99 annual fee

Quibi (with ads): $5
$8 with no ads; launches in April

HBO Max: $14.99
May 2020 launch

Showtime: $10.99

YouTube Premium: $11.99
$17.99 for family — up to 5 members; $6.99 for students

These are just a handful. There are way more streaming services available, many of which I’ve never even heard of. I’ve decided to finish a few series that I had started including The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, and Orange is the New Black. There are others that I never started that I intend on watching soon such as Mad Men, House of Cards, and Arrested Development. Netflix has a good selection of shows to choose from, but I’m curious about  the others. Which services do you prefer and what are you currently watching?



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