QUARANTINE CHALLENGE #2: Brush up on your geography (and other educational topics)

How many countries can you locate on a map?

How many U.S. state capitals do you know?

How much history have you studied?

If you’re looking for a productive way to spend your time, why not try one of the many educational tools designed to help students with geography, history, chemistry, mathematics, and other educational topics. These are just a few of my favorites:


I’ve been using Lizard Point for a few years now to memorize countries, cities, flags, and other useful information. I’ve completed The Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia, but I still need to brush up on my geography skills. I haven’t memorized very many flags yet, but that’s a goal of mine during quarantine. When watching videos about a country I enjoy Geography Now. They might be a little cheesy at times, but the content is great and the videos are well done. A personal goal of mine is to memorize all of world geography and the capital of every country.


World history is one of my favorite topics in the world and I like to study a little bit every day. I especially like reading about WWI and WWII. There are tons of great documentaries on Netflix and YouTube. My favorite websites to study timelines and topics include:




General Information

For a set of lists, topics, subjects, and current events, I visit Infoplease.com. This website has a daily almanac that includes today’s birthdays, moments in history, a word and analogy of the day, and a weather fact. And if you’re wanting to take an actual course online for free, check out Coursera or Future Learn. With a variety of interesting subjects to study, you’re sure not to be bored during this long quarantine.

What’s your favorite education topic to study?

Happy Studies!

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