Day 24: How will you change during quarantine?

Change is inevitable. It can either be for the better or worse. This quarantine will be good for some but not so great for others. I anticipate while some benefit from the lockdown, others will struggle. How will the quarantine change you? Care to make some predictions?

Will you drink more? Drink less? Or drink about the same?

Will you gain weight? Lose weight? It stay the same size?

Will you be happier? Sadder? Or the same mood?

Will you love the people you live with more? Less or the same?

Will you save money? Lose money? Or come out even?

Will your house be cleaner? Dirtier? Same?

Will you come out feeling like you were productive? Or lazy?

Will you be a better person? Or a worse person from this experience?

Will you continue your life the way it was before quarantine or make changes?

Will you be glad quarantine happened? Or glad when it’s over?

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