Zero Waste Challenge Day 12: Pick Up Litter

Day 12 of the Zero Waste Challenge focuses on litter and our responsibility to pick it up when we see it. I always do this on float trips because I hate seeing trash in the river, but I got out of the habit when it comes to regular trash in and around the city. Sometimes it’s easy to get desensitized to it, and it’s hard not to be angry when cleaning up after others. Not everyone values the planet as much as they should, but alas, we have to share it with them, too.

I think it’s important to remember that not all litter was carelessly tossed on the street by some careless person. Oftentimes, it gets blown out of trash cans or dumpsters. Accidents happen and if no one takes the initiative to pick it up, it will stay there. Why not be that person to take the initiative? I’d like to do that. I’d also like to find ways to reuse the trash so that it doesn’t have to be discarded to begin with. This is why I’m so interested in having an upcycling business. I want to make discarded items reusable again, but progress is slow. My work area cannot be finished until my kitchen is finished. I feel like I’m constantly at a standstill. However, I am doing a lot of research about how to upcycle and what we can do with old products, so I’m preparing for when my work room is ready.

I’m going to start keeping a trash bag handy so that I can pick up garbage I see when I’m going to and from work. I love my hometown and I’d like it to stay beautiful! Maybe eventually I can start a little group to go around and pick up litter. It’s a worthy cause and with enough people involved, it can go by pretty fast! So next time you see trash on the sidewalk, consider being the good Samaritan that takes the time to pick it up!

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